A resource is any information that can be accessed by using service and APIs. Since the APIs are RESTful, all resources operate either on a collection of entities e.g list,create or on a single entity e.g get,patch,delete. Each entity resource can be uniquely named by using,

  • the parent resource name

  • the resource collection identifier

  • the resource identifier.

For instance, for a lending app resource projects/test-project/apps/testapp,

  • the parent resource name isprojects/test-project

  • the resource collection identifier is apps

  • the resource identifier istestapp.

A resource can have more than one identifier as long all of them maintain the uniqueness of the resource name. All entity resources have a unique system identifier called a uid that is constructed from the full resource name upon the creation of the entity. You can use a uid interchangeably alongside any other resource identifier to access an entity resource.

For example, if the uid of the resource, projects/test-project/apps/testapp is 1e30f557-c458-4f33-9dee-6271ced2ce7f, then an alias of the resource is projects/test-project/apps/1e30f557-c458-4f33-9dee-6271ced2ce7f.

The Responses section has more details about the common resource fields.